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Carrie Robaina
Founder, Podcast Your Purpose
"Discover the Essentials You Need To Launch Your Podcast in 2019This Training Will Be The Most Valuable Information You Watch This Year"
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Did You Know That The Most Important Part of Launching Your Podcast Is Not The Type of Microphone You Buy?! I'll Tell You Why... 
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 The Exact Steps You Need To Take To Get Your Podcast Launched. 
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Insider Tip #1: Why You Should Podcast In 2019
Podcast listenership has nearly doubled in the past year. Here's why you you want to be in on all the action...NOW!!!!  
Insider Tip #2: Exact Steps To Launching Your Show
Most of what you need to podcast is already in your hands! Don't buy into the hype that you need to buy expensive equipment.  
Insider Tip #3: Best Practices For Launching
Launching with an impact is my secret sauce. I'll give you the inside scoop on the Top 3 things you must do!!! 
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